Activities in Cévennes around Anduze, Saint Jean du Gard and Le Vigan.
From Pic Saint Loup to Mont Lozère and Mont Aigoual. Day or half-day trips around Cévennes and tours in southern France, Alps or Perenees on the occasion of a training course.

  • Canyoning

    Canyoning in Cévennes around Anduze or Le Vigan and Lozère near Villefort. Aqua adventure for families, easy canyons and harder tours for the most motivated.
  • Rock Climbing

    Rock climbing in Gard, Hérault or Ardèche. Learn to climb with a group or with your family, skills improvement and multipitches climbing also possible.
  • Via Ferrata

    Climb on cliffs equipped with ladders and cables to secure yourself.
  • Adventure course

    A great active adventure! Climb up a mountain through secret passages and go down through caves and huge abseils.