Best canyons of the Alps

From August 29th to September 2nd

The Hautes-Alpes are certainly the french area where we can find the most technical canyons.
Some of these, like the Oules de Freissinières or Chichin are considered the toughest and more beautiful of France.

The conditions to do this tour are:

  • Beeing in a good shape
  • Beeing used to abseiling
  • Not beeing afraid of swiming whitewaters
  • Not beeing afraid of hights


  • Day 1: Blache canyon, very beatiful and not to hard for the first day
  • Day 2: Pra Reboul canyon, perfect for technical improvement
  • Day 3: The Distroit and its final 150m waterfall!
  • Day 4: The Oules de Freissinières, the best of France... Video here
  • Day 5: Chichin, to end on a high note! Video here
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