Multipitches climbing

Rising above lands

Multipitches climbing anable us to climb big walls roped to each other.
Working our way up to a summit through easy or tough ways.

Southern France is one of the best place in the world for multipich climbing, high quality climbing places are plenty.

Here Saint Guilhem le Désert, the Pic Saint Loup, Cévennes granit, the Hortus and the Gorges de l'Ardèche.

Further, on the occasion of a rock climbing tour, the Verdon gorges,  Jonte gorges, the Caroux mountain or the Calanques.

Wathever your level and goals are, my knowledge allow me to guide you along these famous rock faces.

The price, even though it can varies according to bigger courses, is usually 150¤ for half a day and 250¤ for a full day, to divide between participants (2 persons max).

My service is to be your guide along the way but also to help you in your improvement through teaching and practicing specific techniques.

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