Terre Promise (Promised Land)

A tough route on Autridge rock face - Gorges de l'Ardeche

Autridge pillar, is certainly one of France most beautiful rock face but very little used by rock climbers.

Famous for its rock crag full of tuffas, It also has a few astonishing multipitches:

Félicity is a masterpiece around 7b/c.

Visage cross over the whole rock face on its easyer passages.

Sacré Graal is just a fantastic route for elite climbers.

Max Havelaar and the Chamane du bout du monde are completing the offer of really hard stuff.

Nevertheles the East side part of Autridge was still unexplored.

Guilhem Trouillas started the work with David Perrier's ingénuity.

David then invited me to finish it, and I went there full of joyce!

Below, the guide, about gradings, better count: 7c, 8a, 8a+, 7c+ and the last two-in-one, 60m, 7c.
The whole thing 7b obligatory.